Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Mummy Diary - Day 75 - The day I decided to start a blog

I have flirted with the idea of writing a blog a few times.  There was my "Shiksa in Shtetl" idea, where I was going to write about my conversion to Judaism.  There was my "Baby Lawyer, Big City" idea, where I was going to write about being, well, a baby lawyer.  Most recently, there was my "Mummy Diary" idea, where I was going to write about my adventures in the wonderful world of motherhood.

The Mummy Diary started as the odd entry on my Facebook status and has now grown into this blog.  One of DaddyB-B's distant cousins in the UK suggested that one day BabyB-B might enjoy reading over the Mummy Diary.  In the days where putting pen to paper seems to by a dying artform a blog seemed the best place to preserve it.

I'm not sure what prompted me to start it today.  It could have been reading over various blogs by other parents whose children have DDH (developmental dysplasia of the hip) on my iPhone while BabyB-B napped on my chest this afternoon, or it could have been that nothing was on TV while DaddyB-B was at basketball and BabyB-B was asleep for (hopefully) the evening.  In any event here it is:  the Mummy Diary.

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